Use Tramadol and Soma for treating stomach pain

stomach ache treatment
Tramadol and Soma are the popular medications for stomach pain. After a long research, recommends their users to use Tramadol for the effective result in treating stomach pain. If you are looking for the best alternative instead of Tramadol, you may take Soma which provides a similar result to that of Tramadol. Hence, treat your stomach pain efficiently by using Tramadol or taking Soma. There are several pain-relieving medications available but this duo makes you to obtain optimal response within a short span without any severe effects. As a result, the majority of the health physicians are prescribing both Tramadol and Soma for stomach pain to get a soothing effect.

How Medications like Tramadol and Soma treats Stomach Pain?

Although Tramadol and Soma are used for the stomach pain treatment, both have difference in its own way of treatment. Read further to know how Tramadol and Soma have been used for handling stomach pain.

Tramadol is an analgesic medication which behaves in your Central Nervous System to bind the opioid receptors; your stomach pain will be solved. On the other hand, Soma is a muscle relaxant and affects your Central Nervous System to make a communication between nerves thereby producing a relaxed and soothing effect.

However, both the drugs affect the brain even though they differ in the working process. Generally, both the medications produce almost similar effects and treat stomach pain efficiently.

Tramadol Drug

Tramadol drugTramadol is an oral drug, prescribed for treating moderate to severe moderate pain including the stomach pain as well. The drug is available under a variety of brand names, and one of the universally recognized brand names is Ultram. It is also recommended for the cancer pain treatment for a lesser duration than 2 to 3 months.


Tramadol has been used since the year 1962 and was released in the market under the name of Tramal in 1977. But the drug became available in America after the year of 1995. Tramadol has been used for various pain treatments, and it is widely prescribed by the physician around the world.

The Tramadol appears in both immediate and extended-release as well. The immediate-release (Tramadol IR) comes in 50 mg whereas the Extended-release (Tramadol ER) comes in 100 mg, 200mg, and 300 mg. Along with that, the drug is available in liquid compositions also.

Tramadol for instant relief from stomach pain

Tramadol for instant pain reliefStomach pain has become the most experienced in recent time due to the involvement of unhealthy foods. However, some effective medications like morphine and opioid medications are available to treat stomach pain, but will they help you to get instant relief? Highly unsure! Hence, opt for Tramadol which treats stomach pain effectively and instantly as well.

Impact of Tramadol on all pain related problems

Tramadol increases the serotonin level in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical which aids the feeling of relaxation and happiness. Along with that, the drug prevents or blocks the norepinephrine reuptake. In this way, Tramadol impacts the brain senses and gradually diminishes the effects of all types of pain in the human body.

The relation of Tramadol and Pain

Tramadol is intended to treat pain by acting on the Central Nervous System. The drug has 20 and 80 percentage effects of opioids and serotonin reuptake respectively. It has very lessened addictive nature and side effects because of the very inadequate involvement of opioid content in the drug. Thus, Tramadol is predominately used for the pain management.

Soma medication

Soma medicationSoma is a muscle relaxant oral medication, often prescribed for the treatment of pain.  The drug starts to work in your body after the intake of 30 minutes and the effect lasts in your system for 4 to 6 hours. Soma medication is supposed to be the best alternative to Tramadol; physicians are prescribing Soma for stomach and various pain ailments.


Soma is the brand or trade name of Carisoprodol and the drug is available in both generic and brand versions as well. The prime active compound of Soma includes Aspirin and Carisoprodol tablets.  It is available in the form of tablets, and the approved dosage strengths are 250 mg and 350 mg.

How does Soma work with stomach pain?

Soma is a centrally acting muscle relaxant. The drug enhances relaxation and pain relief by communicating between multiple nerves in the Central Nervous System (CNS). When you get affected by stomach pain, the drug starts to work in your brain and communicate between the pain nerves and blocks or changes the pain sense thereby curing your stomach pain. This is how Soma works in your body to treat stomach pain.

Soma 350mg for moderate Stomach Pain and Ulcer

Moderate pain and ulcer can be effectively diagnosed with Soma 350mg medication, and it also treats chronic pain which earlier was hard to diagnose. Soma 350 mg is approved by FDA so that you can take this dose without any side effects for moderate stomach and ulcer treatment. Since it is a high dosage, you should have a doctor prescription to take Soma 350 mg dosage.

Soma vs Pain

Pain is such a crucial one, which can happen to us at any time of our life. You may experience mild pain and sometimes chronic pain according to the state of the pain. At the time, you should stock yourself with an effective medication to treat pain or else you will be in trouble. Even though there are vast amounts of pain medications used in the world, Soma plays a vital role in the pain management. Hence, treat your various types of pain by taking Soma effectively.