Causes Of Stomach Pain

Do you suffer from frequent heartburn after certain meals and wish you knew the cause of the stomach pain?

Could your discomfort be a larger problem than you think? Sure you had a Mexican fiesta last night for dinner, but is that really the reason you are still taking antacids this morning? Perhaps it is a very likely possibility!

If you seem to constantly find yourself in this situation, then there might be more harmful things going on in your stomach than you think.

Some of the causes of stomach pain include GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or acid reflux disease. This disease usually occurs when the lining of the stomach and esophagus are damaged due to a low tolerance to acid commonly found in spicy, tangy, or fatty foods.

Another possibility of stomach pain could be appendicitis, ulcers, or gallstones. These causes of stomach pain are not as common as GERD; however, it is very important that you look into these possibilities if your stomach pains persist.

Along with the more severe causes of stomach pains, pain might be related to something as simple as stress. Stomach pains could be related to extra stress or just every day stress experienced in daily life. Either way… the pain is the same.

If none of these explanations seem to match your condition, it could be something as simple as what you ate. Did you have spicy food, rich food, fatty food or perhaps did you unknowingly have spoiled food? Spoiled food is a very popular cause of stomach pains which is sometimes overlooked when a person feels sick.

If your stomach pain occurs within the hour following your meal, the cause of your stomach pain could be a result of overeating. So you must ask yourself, is it possible that you just ate too much?

In review, two of the most common causes of stomach pains may be either food related or stress related. Both can usually be treated with quick results, except for overeating… you’ll just have to learn from that mistake and wait it out! You will eventually digest the calorie laden meal you just enjoyed!

The cause of stomach pain can be a result of several things. Acid reflux, gallstones, or even stress… but the bottom line is that if the pain persists you should seek medical attention. Chronic stomach pain needs attention. If it persists, the cause of stomach pain isn’t something that you should ignore it could be serious.