Generic Name: Soma

Brand Names: Carisoprodol

Strengths: 200mg, 100mg, 50mg

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somaSoma is a drug from the class of Carbamate which is used in treating skeletal muscle conditions such as pain or injury. It is prescription-only medication. This drug is also used for some other purposes that are not listed. It is a muscle relaxer that works by blocking the pain sensation between nerves and the brain. The active ingredient in this medication is Carisoprodol. This drug should be taken by orally and its effectiveness can be seen treating by quick relief from muscle pain. Soma is the most prescribed medication for treating pain relief by the healthcare consultants globally.

Working of Soma

As mentioned, it is a muscle relaxant. Its working blocks the sensation of pain that is a connection between the brain and the nerves in the muscles of the body. It requires simultaneous healing such as physical therapy or other drugs. This pain relief medication is also used in managing the post-injury or post-trauma pain. Soma is not considered as a singular treatment by therapists.

Instructions to be followed while taking Soma

Consulting with your doctor is required before procuring Soma from the pharmacy. If you have prescribed this medication than follow the instructions given by the doctor and take it at regular intervals. If you have been prescribed this medication by the physician then follow it regularly as per instructed duration. Without the knowledge about this drug, people make mistake by taking Soma with increased doses. Take a consultation with your doctor before the start and stop taking this medication. This is the proper way to procure a medicine and would help you in treating your pain relief. The effect of Soma will last for 4 hours in your body and it is better if you follow your therapists’ instruction throughout the treatment.

Soma risks and precautions

Addiction to Soma

There are possible chances that a person would get addicted to this medication. This could happen when they take this drug for a long period of time or if it has been taken with higher dosage strengths. Some people take this Soma improperly such as increasing and decreasing the dosage each time would also cause addiction to it and also some side effects. At first, you will be able to tolerate the effect of this drug. But the effectiveness of this medication will not be same all the time and hence the usage of the dose will be increased. This is the vital cause of the drug addiction. Never do this mistake while taking this pain relief medication.

Soma not for Pregnant Women

The Physicians will not advice Soma pills for the pregnant women. You should notify your doctor if you are conceived and do not delay to tell this to the doctor. Make sure that you inform about your plans to get pregnant in near future to your physician. When a mother takes Soma, there a high possibility of risks that this drug would pass to the fetus or baby. In very rare cases, the doctor would prescribe you with this drug when he/she found that it has the high amount of benefits compared to the risks.

Stopping the Soma intake

Sudden stopping of this Soma drug would cause some withdrawal effects. Those effects such as vision loss, sleeping disorder, depression, seizure, and agitation. You have to be very careful not only at the time of quitting this drug but also at the time of taking treatment. An individual would miss a dose at this time, if you are not close to the next dose, then take the missed dose immediately. If you accidentally overdosed this medication then you have to take the medical help as soon as possible.

Precautions to take Soma

Consulting with the Doctor is the first precaution that has to be made before procuring this drug.

If you ever been allergic to the active ingredient of Carisoprodol, then you should avoid taking this medication. If you already have any allergies to drugs, then tell it to your doctor earlier.

While you are on Soma medication, it is better you stay in rest than doing any work that requires attentiveness such as driving or handling machines.

You have to take rest and a regular physical therapy which will help you to get a better benefit on your muscle pain.

Do not share this pills with others without knowing about their health conditions. They might already have the history of drug addiction or would have allergic to this medication.